End of service for Turbulence + Icing Forecasts

Dear Friends,
Ending today, 23rd of February 2023, we're truly sad to inform that we're longer able to provide turbulence and icing forecasts as you've come to expect. is a platform that has relied on a number of (free) online sources to retrieve the information we provide to our users. Unfortunately, this means that we rely heavily on 3rd parties services, thus, when said services cease to exist, so do the services they provide. For turbulence and icing forecasts we relied on links provided by Flight Weather, which are no longer available.

Because we never intended (and still do not intend) to have a commercial model supporting our website, we can only hope you can understand this situation.

Starting today and until we can come up with a better solution (that might never arrive), we'll be forwarding our users to our friend Ignacio Gallego-Marcos website,, for turbulence forecasts. For icing, we'll try and find an alternative solution.
If, by chance, you have a (free) solution that you'd like to tell us about, please do so to [email protected].

Have a safe flight,
Your friends at